Problems, Miscarriage, Surgery, Job Loss

Problems Just wanted to give a little update on how hard the last few months have been for Loni and I. at week 8 Loni had some spotting and caused her concerns that something was wrong so we went in the OBGYN, Dr. Harrison, to get checked out. She sent us down to get an ultrasound where everything looked good and there was even a heart beat, they also noticed a centimeter cyst near her right Ovary. The Baby was only measuring 6 wks though so they pushed back the due date. The pregnancy was deemed viable so we decided there was nothing to worry about. Then Loni started to get in a lot of pain and the bleeding came back consistantly. Dr. Harrison said it sounded like we could be having a miscarriage and we soon did. :( 2014-04-2720.32.24-2014-08-1-07-49.jpg Miscarriage Loni and I asked to have another ultrasound because she was still in a lot of pain but we had not had the miscarriage yet. We asked to have another ultrasound to confirm it. It was sad to see the baby lifeless on the screen, we were so sad because it no longer had a heart beat. A few days later Loni and I were at her parent’s house when it finally happened. We felt bad that they had to witness it but Loni was glad they were there for support. Loni was in sooo much pain, and her mom and sister both said they had not had that much pain when they had their miscarriages, so I called the Dr. Harrison who said it was normal and to just take more pain medication... We were really upset with her. Loni still had pain after the miscarriage though. Loni’s parent finally convinced us to go to the hospital one Sunday when loni was in still in severe pain. The ER did another ultrasound and found that the 1cm cyst had grown to 6cm. We got a call from Dr. Harrison later that night who was apologetic but insisted it might go away on it’s own and that we should check up on it in a few weeks. She told Loni just to take pain medication to manage the pain. So we decided to ditch her and find a new OBGYN to get a different opinion. We tried to get ahold of Dr. Baxter, our sister in law’s OBGYN who referred us to his associate, Dr. McCarter who could perform surgeries. He agreed to remove it and scheduled the surgery for a few days later. Surgery The surgery took longer than expected. Loni’s mom and I started getting worried, I decided to go run some errands to distract myself and when I came back, Dr McCarter was in the room with Loni’s Mom who was crying... I was not sure what was going on but it didn’t look good. He then pulled out some pictures of the surgery and explained to me that Loni did not have a cyst, what she had was an eptopic pregnancy that exploded and demolished her right fallopian tube. The 6cm mass was actually blood clots that had formed from the wound. It should have killed her. Loni is such a champ. It was not easy for her to go through that and I am grateful she is still here with me today. The months following the surgery were rough. We kept getting bills and have no money to pay them. But we were hopeful that everything was going to work out in the end. IMG_3460-2014-08-1-07-49.JPGSurgeryPicture03-2014-08-1-07-49.jpeg Job Loss Recently UVU’s College of Aviation and Public Services (CAPS) was awarded money to fund a full time IT position. I am currently the part time IT guy and that job will replace mine. I put in my application and had a very good interview with some of the head honchos at CAPS. I was really surprised when my boss called me into his office to tell me they offered the job to someone else and that I had 2 weeks left at my job. During that time I am suppose to train the new guy and look for new jobs. :( This was devastating. I met the guy how is going to replace me, Steve Johnson. I was not sure why they did not hire me... so I decided to ask around I went to Rebecca, who is the Associate Dean who is over the Finances for CAPS. She was the chair of the hiring committee. I asked her to give me some feedback as to what I could have done better and try to fish for information why someone was chosen over me. She insisted HR advised them not to tell us anything. So I went to another source, Mario Markides, who was also on the committee to see if he would spill the beans. He told me I interviewed well and that the final decision was between me and Steve. In the end they decided to use experience as the determining factor. I was feeling a little better that it wasn’t something I had done wrong and I was kind of able to accept it. After all “May the best man win” right? This whole situation still sucks and I hope they regret hiring him even though I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I am just glad I still have Loni to cheer me up!


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