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Dallas started his new job!

Profire Energy Today I started my new job as an IT Specialist at Profire Energy! I wasn't quite sure what to expect...but when I got there they showed me my new office. I was estatic. My last office was a sad closet with an old ghetto desk and no room to put anything. This Office […]

Problems, Miscarriage, Surgery, Job Loss

Problems Just wanted to give a little update on how hard the last few months have been for Loni and I. at week 8 Loni had some spotting and caused her concerns that something was wrong so we went in the OBGYN, Dr. Harrison, to get checked out. She sent us down to get an ultrasound where everything looked good and there was even a heart beat, they also noticed a centimeter cyst near her right Ovary. The Baby was only measuring 6 wks though so they pushed back the due date. The pregnancy was deemed viable so we decided there was nothing to worry about. Then Loni started to get in a lot of pain and the bleeding came back consistantly. Dr. Harrison said it sounded like we could be having a miscarriage and we soon did. :( Miscarriage Loni and I asked to have another ultrasound because she was still in a lot of pain but we had not had the miscarriage yet. We asked to have another ultrasound to confirm it. It was sad to see the baby lifeless on the screen, we were so sad because it no lo…