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Catching Up!

I have officially been such a slacker with updating the blog. My excuse this time like it is every time is we have been so busy! We started off February celebrating the superbowl. My nephew put on the party. We did the usual questionare that has to be turned in before the kick off. I love doing that because it gets everyone into the game since there are prizes for the winners. Dallas took third place! Dallas and I brought superbowl cookies complete with footballs, Raven helmets and 49er helmets. They were fun!  We had SO much food like we always do. Superbowl is all about super great food in my opinion. My parents made philly cheesesteak sandwiches which are so yummy! But we were smelling like steak and onions for days.  My cute mom heating up the cheese.  Dallas and I celebrated the day of love at our favorite restaurant, Red Robin... YUM! :) Sorry. Had to. Dallas got my beautiful flowers! And gave me some clothes money I am itching to go spend!    Dallas apparently went to three di…