Slowly Catching Up

I feel like I am so behind updating our blog so I will slowly try to catch up! We are already a week into the new year. I sure hope this month and next go fast because it has been way too cold here! Everyday brings single digits and lots of inversion so I look forward to spring! 
On Christmas Eve we moved our party to the hospital because my father in law was having problems with eating and drinking after his neck fusion the previous week. Little Ceasars was brought along with the Santa Claus and we had our own little christmas party!
 Londyn sat at Grandpa's feet in the bed!

 We spent Christmas day with my family. This was the only picture I got of Dallas and I on Christmas! 
 A couple days after Christmas I came home from work with this little surprise from Dallas in my stocking! I have been needing a new straightner so bad. He made my day!!
 Last weekend we got together with some of my best friends from high school. It had been TOO long since I had seen them! We went to the new Farmington station up by my parents house. It has restraunts, a theatre, shopping and an outdoor ice skating rink. It is pretty sweet!
 They still had their Christmas decorations up.
 Member when I said it has been freezing? Well the other morning when we woke up we noticed that their was ice on our windows in between our shrink wrap and window. You know its cold when that happens!


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