Hello world! Geesh life has been crazy! Dallas and I have been sick lately and now we are finally starting to feel better. So Dallas and I have been trying to make Friday's our date night. For the most part we keep it simple and cheap. We are mostly going for "time spent together" rather than going on big extravagant dates! Two reasons why. 1. School is expensive. End of story. 2. We have a grand ol time simply just hangin out and being together! Oh and I just thought of another reason, its so cold we don't want to be out at night! So last friday night we decided to go eat out since we don't do that often. We drove around seeing what sounded good and as soon as we saw J-Dawgs the rest was history. We decided to buy some of their special sauce to have at home. We ALSO came up with the brilliant idea of J Puppies. Pretty much lil smokies (cut the same way they do) and drizzle with the sauce. SO yummy! And genius if I do say so myself... :) 

 That sauce is so good I could probably drink it. No joke. 

J Dawg night coming soon to all our friends!! :) 


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