2012 in Review

What a year 2012 was! It has definitely had its challenges but has been full of fun adventures and wonderful blessings! At the end of every year I like to reflect on the past year. Dallas and I had lots of fun looking at our pictures from this year and I thought I would share of few!

We had lots of fun sneaking dinner into the movie theatre to see The Vow! We are rebels like that ;) 
 Dallas and I had lots of fun using our new tennis raquets. During the warm months, we spent lots of time playing frisbee and workin on our tennis skills!
 In May all of my siblings threw a surprise party for my parents 40th anniversary. Everyone came into town and it was wonderful!
 Dallas and I were very very cold at the Orem summer fest... in june! But you can't beat the carnival!
 We went camping with my family up to Monte Cristo. It was beautiful! 
 This adventure was without Dallas but I went on a road trip with my mom and sister to visit my other sister who lives in California!
 In n Outs annual picnic was also fun! Except I got an injury on my backside which was no bueno! 

Dallas attended his first rodeo and ate like true cowboys! We had a smoked turkey leg, yum!

 We boated a lot with my in laws during the summer! The whole Harris clan is excited to get back on the lake this summer! :) 
 We hung out with friends a lot this year! On this occasion we went on a little hike up Mt. Timp with some of my work friends!
 We went on a murder mystery date on the Heber Creeper with Dallas' sister and hubby which was cool!
 I rode a ski lift for the first time at Sundance's Halloween lift ride!
 We celebrated 2 years of marriage at the Anniversary Inn!
 And last but definitely not least we finished off the year with a trip to Disneyland!! We went on a road trip with Dallas' parents and it was a blast! I hadn't been since I was 12 so it had been quite awhile! I will post more pictures later!
We also topped of the year with a move from Provo to Orem. It has been kind of stressful but we are so happy with this apartment we are in now! Change is sometimes good!
Dallas and I look forward to what 2013 has to offer! Bring it on baby!!


  1. I read that last line as "bring on baby!" LOL, I thought there was something you weren't telling me! What a fun year for you guys, enjoy these moments with just you and Dallas, they don't last too long. Those are some of mine and Matt's best memories, just the 2 of us! Love you sis :)

  2. Haha that is funny! Yeah we are definitely trying to live it up right now! And cherish the moments with life a little easier! haha love you too!


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