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Catching Up!

I have officially been such a slacker with updating the blog. My excuse this time like it is every time is we have been so busy! We started off February celebrating the superbowl. My nephew put on the party. We did the usual questionare that has to be turned in before the kick off. I love doing that because it gets everyone into the game since there are prizes for the winners. Dallas took third place! Dallas and I brought superbowl cookies complete with footballs, Raven helmets and 49er helmets. They were fun!  We had SO much food like we always do. Superbowl is all about super great food in my opinion. My parents made philly cheesesteak sandwiches which are so yummy! But we were smelling like steak and onions for days.  My cute mom heating up the cheese.  Dallas and I celebrated the day of love at our favorite restaurant, Red Robin... YUM! :) Sorry. Had to. Dallas got my beautiful flowers! And gave me some clothes money I am itching to go spend!    Dallas apparently went to three di…


Hello world! Geesh life has been crazy! Dallas and I have been sick lately and now we are finally starting to feel better. So Dallas and I have been trying to make Friday's our date night. For the most part we keep it simple and cheap. We are mostly going for "time spent together" rather than going on big extravagant dates! Two reasons why. 1. School is expensive. End of story. 2. We have a grand ol time simply just hangin out and being together! Oh and I just thought of another reason, its so cold we don't want to be out at night! So last friday night we decided to go eat out since we don't do that often. We drove around seeing what sounded good and as soon as we saw J-Dawgs the rest was history. We decided to buy some of their special sauce to have at home. We ALSO came up with the brilliant idea of J Puppies. Pretty much lil smokies (cut the same way they do) and drizzle with the sauce. SO yummy! And genius if I do say so myself... :) 
 That sauce is so good …

Slowly Catching Up

I feel like I am so behind updating our blog so I will slowly try to catch up! We are already a week into the new year. I sure hope this month and next go fast because it has been way too cold here! Everyday brings single digits and lots of inversion so I look forward to spring!  On Christmas Eve we moved our party to the hospital because my father in law was having problems with eating and drinking after his neck fusion the previous week. Little Ceasars was brought along with the Santa Claus and we had our own little christmas party!  Londyn sat at Grandpa's feet in the bed!
 We spent Christmas day with my family. This was the only picture I got of Dallas and I on Christmas!   A couple days after Christmas I came home from work with this little surprise from Dallas in my stocking! I have been needing a new straightner so bad. He made my day!!  Last weekend we got together with some of my best friends from high school. It had been TOO long since I had seen them! We went to the ne…

2012 in Review

What a year 2012 was! It has definitely had its challenges but has been full of fun adventures and wonderful blessings! At the end of every year I like to reflect on the past year. Dallas and I had lots of fun looking at our pictures from this year and I thought I would share of few!
We had lots of fun sneaking dinner into the movie theatre to see The Vow! We are rebels like that ;)   Dallas and I had lots of fun using our new tennis raquets. During the warm months, we spent lots of time playing frisbee and workin on our tennis skills!  In May all of my siblings threw a surprise party for my parents 40th anniversary. Everyone came into town and it was wonderful!  Dallas and I were very very cold at the Orem summer fest... in june! But you can't beat the carnival!  We went camping with my family up to Monte Cristo. It was beautiful!   This adventure was without Dallas but I went on a road trip with my mom and sister to visit my other sister who lives in California!  In n Outs annu…