The Best Two Years

Like I have posted before our anniversary is coming up... as in two days!! November 19. What a great day! We are both super excited. I was looking through the pictures from our honeymoon and thought I would post a few of those. We went to San Diego and Ventura on our honeymoon. I wanted to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain super bad so we spent the last few days of our honeymoon up in the Ventura area. 
We left Utah just in time to miss a big snow storm so we dodged the bullet on that :) 
 We visited all of the beaches I would go to growing up. This one is Mission Beach where it had a little board walk/amusement park. The rides were so expensive but we found these sunglasses for pretty cheap. I call them our love glasses :) Dallas also bought me some wooden flowers in our wedding colors while I was in the bathroom! 
 I think Dallas looks SO hot here.... hubba hubba ;) 
 We left our mark at Mission Beach. It was too chilly to swim but it was still great to hang out in the sand! We also went to Coronado Beach this same day.
 We walked around La Jolla and visited the cute seals at this cove. I was totally in my element surrounded by ocean :) 
 The day before Thanksgiving we headed up to Ventura. The traffic was awful in LA because of the holiday but of course we had to stop in Huntington Beach to eat at Ruby's on the pier! I went on my senior trip here and we ate at this restaurant probably 3 times.  

 On Thanksgiving we decided to go to Six Flags thinking it wouldn't be busy. Who goes to Six Flags on Thanksgiving? Well we were wrong... It was pretty busy and since not all of the rides were opened the lines were long. But we still had a great time! When we were leaving the park, we were kind of bummed we weren't going to get a Thanksgiving feast and we didn't want to spend money on anything big since we had already spent lots of money on eating out. There was a Marie Callendars right next to the park and when we saw that we decided we had to go. It was a set $25 a person Thanksgiving meal they were doing that night which made us cringe a bit but we decided to still do it. It was such a yummy meal filled with turkey, stuffing and pie which made us really happy. While we were eating I noticed an older couple a few tables away who I felt like was looking at us a lot but I still kept munching away. They left and I remember them giving us a nice smile when they walked by. A few minutes later our waitress told us they had paid for our entire meal and tip. It brought us both to tears and stills does when I think about it. I wanted to run after them and thank them and tell them how much they had helped us poor newlyweds out but I knew it was too late. It is nice to know that there are still really great people in this world where ever we are. I am forever grateful for that older couple and always think about them this time of year. We told ourselves that night when we are older we are going to Pay It Forward to another young couple someday :) 
 This was the little Inn we stayed at up in in Santa Paula not too far from Six Flags. We swear it was haunted....
These past two years have been the best yet of my life. Life with Dallas is so fun! We have been truly so blessed in our lives. We have been blessed with great families, friends, functioning cars (knock on wood), secure jobs, a fabulous ward.... the list is endless. Pretty much Dallas and I make a great team :) And I look forward to the many years ahead of us! 


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