Snow Day!

This past weekend we had a crazy snow storm. It seemed like we got more snow over the course of two days than we did all last winter! It was fun but I know I will get sick of it. And I really hate driving in it... Anyways, when Dallas got home from work Friday we decided to go play in it. Our friends who live two doors down (the Deckers) came to join us in building the snowman followed by hot chocolate. 
 It was a winter wonderland! Driving home from work Friday I couldn't brush the car off fast enough! 
 We had a little happy surprise from The Deckers on our car! I am excited in the possibility of having a white Christmas this year! 
 Saturday Dallas and I had the day together so we were able to get some things done but we also had some time for fun :) We finally went to see The Dark Knight movie at the dollar theatre. It was SO good! But really long, our bums were hurting! When we were first married we had lots of cold stone gift cards we had gotten so we would go to the one right by the dollar theatre after we saw a movie. As we were leaving Dallas suddenly whipped into the parking lot so despite the cold we carried on a tradition! My poor man looked so tired in this picture! 
Sunday we celebrated my sister's birthday and my brother and sister had both gotten back this week from Disneyland so we heard all of their crazy fun stories. And now Dallas and I really want to go way bad! They both said to try to go before we have kids because it will be lot easier to enjoy it! It has always been on Dallas' 'bucket list before children' so now we are trying to work it into our budget! :) 

Just a quick side note, Happy Veterans day (yesterday)! My dad was in the National Guard during the Vietnam war times and he told us that people were so upset about the war that they would spit on the soldiers coming home. He said it got so bad that they didn't require the soldiers to wear their uniforms when they came home. This made me really angry and sad! Especially because a lot of men in that war were drafted. I am so grateful for the men who fight for our freedom! 


  1. Joseph's Dad was in the that war too. I had never heard how bad it was though. That is so sad.
    Your snow man is so great! It made me want to play in the snow. (but only a little bit)

  2. Erica, the snow is fun for a little bit but come January/February I get kinda sick of it!
    Loved the smiley face Jarom!


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