2nd Anniversary and Turkey Day

Dallas and I celebrated our two years of marriage last Monday! We headed to Magelbys for dinner after work. It was so yummy and fancy! Full of prime rib, shrimp, baked brie and raspberry lemonade. :) Afterwards we went to the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake to spend the night with the wild animals in the jungle safari room! Seriously so cool! When we arrived they had cheesecake in the fridge (Dallas who doesn't care for cheesecake actually ate it and liked it!) and sparkling cider chilling in ice. 
The shower was an elephant! 
 Dallas and mr giraffe 
 It really felt like we were in a totally different place!
 There was a waterfall too!
 When we arrived we let them know what we wanted for breakfast and what time we wanted them to deliver it to us. Rad huh? We felt totally spoiled!
 In front of our waterfall
 The carpet was cheetah print and there were stairs leading up to the bed. You can kind of see the sink which is a tree! It was a really fun room! 
 My cutie :)
 The building was old with lots of history!

 After an awesome anniversary, we went up to Kaysville to spend some time with my sister who came into town for the week. Dallas is always so good about spending so much time when my family comes into town. We spent all of Wednesday making lots and lots of pies which is a tradition. That night was our traditional girls night out to see the new twilight movie. All of us girls went to Zupas then to the really cool new theatre in Farmington. We are sad the movies are over so we are going to have to make the Hunger Games and the Mortal Instruments our new girls night movies. 
In the morning I went to an hour and a half class of Zumba with my hoe who is a pro! She team taught the class. She really is SO great! I was so proud! I felt much better eating the pie knowing I had done all that Zumba!
We had some of my aunts, uncles and cousins over at my parents house for dinner. I think about 45 people! It felt like my grandma's get togethers again trying to fit all of us in the house. 
 My dad worked so hard and smoked two turkeys and fried two! SO yummy! It was such a beautiful day that we could fry outside instead of the garage.

We headed to my in laws for pies in the evening. Its nice being able to see both families on the holidays! 
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! So grateful for all that I have been blessed with and all those that have been a part of my life so far!


  1. That room look SO fun!
    Also- 'my hoe who is a pro'. is this an actual saying? hahaha!

  2. Haha oh my goodness! Me and my sister call each other Hoe so i guess it just kinda flowed and I didn't even know it was a catchy phrase! We will pretend it is an actual saying :)

  3. Hahahhaaha. You're so funny, I still am surprised every time I see you refer to your sister...It just doesn't seem to fit you..but then somehow it does.
    And, that room looked awesome. It made me want to go there.

  4. Haha yeah people are always so taken back when we call each other that! Even one guy got kinda offended we called each other that haha
    It was really fun! They had some really cool rooms, you guys should go sometime!!


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