Pumpkin Patch

Today we finally got our pumpkins! We have been meaning to go a lot sooner but have just not had the time do go. There is a little family farm not to far from us that we decided to check out. They had really great prices and good pumpkins! It was so quaint!

 Here are the pumpkins we picked out. Two big ones and three small ones. I liked the green one, I thought it looked way cool! 

 We went by ourselves so we had to take these photos by ourselves and Dallas said he will photo shop us into the same picture! 

Before we went to get hot chocolate at 7 11 because it has been really chilly today. They had pumpkin pie spice creamer there and I put it in mine and it was SO yummy! Seriously. Dallas snagged a few of them to take home. :) 
Can't wait to carve our pumpkins! 


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