Our Saturday Together

Dallas and I are coming up on our anniversary in just less than a month! Crazy how time flies! I know we still have some time til it is here but I just wanted to spread the news that we are going to have a great 2nd anniversary! And thought I would add in a few photos to make the post a little more exciting :) Last night we booked a night at the Anniversary Inn staying in the jungle safari room and we are SO excited! We are also eating at Magelbys using a living social deal I got a couple weeks ago ($90 worth of food for only $30). We also got a deal on the room, we are so money savvy!;)
Today Dallas and I had the day off together which is awesome! In the morning we went to the optometrist to put my vision insurance to good use. I ordered more contacts and got glasses too! I haven't had glasses since I was like 12 and I never even wore them then anyways. Without my insurance everything would have cost $500 but we only spent $144. Thank you insurance!
We have always known that we needed to replace our tires on our Altima soon but today Dallas noticed we needed to change them pretty much right then! You could see the mesh wire stuff was showing on one of the tires so we knew that was beyond when we should've changed them out. We didn't want what happened to my sister in law a few months ago to happen to us so now we feel much safer driving now! I am so glad that we are prepared with some savings for emergencies like today!
Tonight we are going a date up to Sundance so I am pretty excited about that! I love days off with my best friend :)


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