Happy Halloween!

These past few days have been full of fun Halloween activities! Last night we headed up to Kaysville for the Roundy family halloween party which in my opinion is one of our best get togethers! I love seeing my family all dressed up and we usually do a scavenger hunt which is always crazy! This year my parents did the hunt which lead us to the Tabernacle, the local parks, Wendys and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Kaysville is a really great place for a scavenger hunt. This year it was boys vs girls and the girls lost... darn! But it was still so fun and like usual ends in chaoes with the glory going to the winning team. Thanks mom and dad! 
Desmond in his Peter Pan outfit :) 
 Loren and Kelly and fam
 Dallas was an In N Out worker and I was an 80's workout lady
 kinda scary....

 He looked so cute! He tried to do a cheesy happy smile because we always look so happy at work.
 Me and my hoe, the witch (minus her outfit)
 my mom and niece Alyssa
 Max the evil garden gnome
 Chase the studly cowboy (woody) 
 On Saturday night Dallas and I went on a little date. We went to Cafe Rio (my fav place) then headed up to Sundance for their Halloween lift ride. It was my first time riding a ski lift ever! The moon was full so it lit up the mountains which had snow... can you believe we already had a snow storm?! They had decorated halloween scenes along the ride and played music. It was pretty cold but we didn't care because the scenery was breath taking and the company pretty great!

 Dallas didn't know who Robert Redford was! 

 You better believe I still wear my scooby doo gloves from elementary school :) 

We came home and drank hot chocolate while watching Gremlins. Dallas and I are really trying to take advantage of our time with just us two because when we have little kidlets running around it will be hard to do fun dates like we did Saturday. 


  1. That's so smart to have fun dates. I didn't even know Sundance did stuff like that! How did you find out about it!? You always have fun stuff planned, you should tell us when you find something fun to do, maybe we'll go do something too! ha

  2. I heard about it on a blog I follow. Her name is Stephanie Nielson she was a plane crash survivor who lives here in provo. Anyways I will definitely let you know next time and maybe we could do a double date!! :)


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