Families Can Be Together Forever! :)

I think I have said this about every month this year but I just can't believe it is already October!! This year is flying by. Anyways, a couple of posts ago I said my sister in law and cute nephew were in a serious car accident but miraculously walked away with only minor cuts, bruises and concussion. My sister in law sent pictures of their truck which was totalled. Hearing her recount the story of what happened is really hard for me and I think my whole family to hear. I get so emotional when I see the pictures, think about my 2 year old nephew and how my brother must have felt that day. It all makes me sad but she told us of the promptings she had felt and listened to that day when she felt she needed to tighten Emmet's car seat or slow down just before they ended up rolling in the truck. I am so grateful my brother married a woman who can recognize those promptings and won't ignore them. I can't wait til I can see them (hopefully at Thanksgiving) to give them all a huge hug!! So much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving in our family! Here is a pic of the truck. Thank goodness they were both on the side of the truck that didn't get crushed! 
 So this past weekend we took pictures with Dallas' family. The only other pictures we have are from my wedding! It was pretty quick and we took a tripod up instead of a photographer. I think they turned out pretty dang good! We found this really beautiful spot up in Sundance. Afterwards we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' place for dinner. His grandma reminds me a lot of my sweet Grandma Roundy! 
 What a good looking bunch!

 Have I told you how much I love this man? :)

 A couple of weekends ago we headed up to Heber with Dallas' sister and her hubby to go on a murder mystery date on the Heber Creeper. The trains were pretty cool. We messed around for a bit before. The train we rode was used doing the 1930's in Philadelphia. Crazy huh? I thought so!  

 We got dinner and solved a crime. The theme was old western which was fitting with the bbq and dutch oven food! It was really fun! Dayna and George are really fun to hang out with! :) 

Lately, I have realized how awesome my families are (Harris' and Roundys). I love them so much! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me so much with the wonderful people in my life. I am so grateful I get to spend eternity with those bunches of peep! :) I am especially so grateful they are all safe and healthy. Shoot every morning(especially lately) I pray that they are all kept safe and I make sure I give tighter hugs every time I see them! Love you all!


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