9 Years of Utah.. Whoa!

So I sit here on our comfy couches listening to the wild wind blow outside with my warm fuzzy socks on (I love storms!), not knowing what the heck to write about! Nothing too significant or different is going on in our lives besides the usual. Just getting excited for the next few months which leads me to the thought, I have almost spent 9 years in Utah! It has been awhile since I have stopped and counted the years since my family moved here and I just can't believe it has been that long! I still remember when my parents told me we were going to sell the business and house and move to Utah. I was 13. We were eating breakfast at McDonalds on a Saturday morning. I was completely devastated! I remember being such a brat to my parents for those next few days. When my mom dropped me off at soccer practice one night she had said, "I hope you have changed your attitude when I pick you up." (In a very angry voice which is so unusual for my mom). I still remember I would pray every night that it wouldn't work out. No such luck. Ha! Its like Garth Brooks sings. "Some of gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." It was truly one of the greatest gifts ever given to me. It was some of the hardest few months...scratch that... hardest year of my life. It didn't help that we moved the first week of December during one of the snowiest winters ever and that Utah felt like a whole different country( planet). And that we were homeless for five months. But I am grateful to have made the journey to Utah to be closer to family and to have met all of the incredible people or Dallas... :) 
 It had been awhile since I had been back home to visit San Diego so I begged Dallas to go their on our honeymoon two years ago. Best honeymoon ever!! One of the days we drove to El Cajon (east San Diego), my old stompin grounds, and I got to show Dallas around. I took him to the best yogurt shop ever, The Yogurt Mill, to good ol Dehesa Valley where we used to live, my little elementary school and to visit some old friends who were pretty much our California Grandparents who spent lots of time with us growing up. Dehesa Valley and that beautiful stucco house with a huge yard will always hold a little piece of my heart! 
Just a few photos from this past week that made me smile! Dallas carved a message on a banana for me and the next morning it showed up! 

Last week I opened the door to my cute husband holding flowers for me with a goofy grin on his face! You can tell about now why I love him so much! He truly makes me feel special! He said he was in Walmart and knew how much I loved fall colors so he got these for me :) 


  1. I'm so glad you moved here too!! :) best times ever with you and the exploder :)

  2. Thanks Chelsey! We did have some pretty awesome times!
    Amen Dallas :)


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