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Happy Halloween!

These past few days have been full of fun Halloween activities! Last night we headed up to Kaysville for the Roundy family halloween party which in my opinion is one of our best get togethers! I love seeing my family all dressed up and we usually do a scavenger hunt which is always crazy! This year my parents did the hunt which lead us to the Tabernacle, the local parks, Wendys and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Kaysville is a really great place for a scavenger hunt. This year it was boys vs girls and the girls lost... darn! But it was still so fun and like usual ends in chaoes with the glory going to the winning team. Thanks mom and dad!  Desmond in his Peter Pan outfit :)   Loren and Kelly and fam  Dallas was an In N Out worker and I was an 80's workout lady  kinda scary....
 He looked so cute! He tried to do a cheesy happy smile because we always look so happy at work.  Me and my hoe, the witch (minus her outfit)  my mom and niece Alyssa  Max the evil garden gn…

Our Saturday Together

Dallas and I are coming up on our anniversary in just less than a month! Crazy how time flies! I know we still have some time til it is here but I just wanted to spread the news that we are going to have a great 2nd anniversary! And thought I would add in a few photos to make the post a little more exciting :) Last night we booked a night at the Anniversary Inn staying in the jungle safari room and we are SO excited! We are also eating at Magelbys using a living social deal I got a couple weeks ago ($90 worth of food for only $30). We also got a deal on the room, we are so money savvy!;)
Today Dallas and I had the day off together which is awesome! In the morning we went to the optometrist to put my vision insurance to good use. I ordered more contacts and got glasses too! I haven't had glasses since I was like 12 and I never even wore them then anyways. Without my insurance everything would have cost $500 but we only spent $144. Thank you insurance!
We have always known that we …

Pumpkin Patch

Today we finally got our pumpkins! We have been meaning to go a lot sooner but have just not had the time do go. There is a little family farm not to far from us that we decided to check out. They had really great prices and good pumpkins! It was so quaint!
 Here are the pumpkins we picked out. Two big ones and three small ones. I liked the green one, I thought it looked way cool! 
 We went by ourselves so we had to take these photos by ourselves and Dallas said he will photo shop us into the same picture! 
Before we went to get hot chocolate at 7 11 because it has been really chilly today. They had pumpkin pie spice creamer there and I put it in mine and it was SO yummy! Seriously. Dallas snagged a few of them to take home. :)  Can't wait to carve our pumpkins!

9 Years of Utah.. Whoa!

So I sit here on our comfy couches listening to the wild wind blow outside with my warm fuzzy socks on (I love storms!), not knowing what the heck to write about! Nothing too significant or different is going on in our lives besides the usual. Just getting excited for the next few months which leads me to the thought, I have almost spent 9 years in Utah! It has been awhile since I have stopped and counted the years since my family moved here and I just can't believe it has been that long! I still remember when my parents told me we were going to sell the business and house and move to Utah. I was 13. We were eating breakfast at McDonalds on a Saturday morning. I was completely devastated! I remember being such a brat to my parents for those next few days. When my mom dropped me off at soccer practice one night she had said, "I hope you have changed your attitude when I pick you up." (In a very angry voice which is so unusual for my mom). I still remember I would pray ev…

Families Can Be Together Forever! :)

I think I have said this about every month this year but I just can't believe it is already October!! This year is flying by. Anyways, a couple of posts ago I said my sister in law and cute nephew were in a serious car accident but miraculously walked away with only minor cuts, bruises and concussion. My sister in law sent pictures of their truck which was totalled. Hearing her recount the story of what happened is really hard for me and I think my whole family to hear. I get so emotional when I see the pictures, think about my 2 year old nephew and how my brother must have felt that day. It all makes me sad but she told us of the promptings she had felt and listened to that day when she felt she needed to tighten Emmet's car seat or slow down just before they ended up rolling in the truck. I am so grateful my brother married a woman who can recognize those promptings and won't ignore them. I can't wait til I can see them (hopefully at Thanksgiving) to give them all a…