Wrapping up Summer

I can not believe it is September! It makes me happy, though, because I love fall! Pumpkin treats here I come. :) Dallas and I tried to fit lots of things into our last few weeks of summer. This time of year is bittersweet because Dallas will have to devote more time to school than me which sucks. This first week I have been keeping myself pretty busy, though! I have been reading a lot lately so my library card is getting put to good use!
We went to the Utah County fair. We got to see goats and cows which were stinky.
 Dallas told me he had never been to rodeo and my jaw dropped! My dad participated in rodeos back in the day and we had horses growing up. I remember we even had a fake steer head that Lance would stick into a bail of hay and practice roping it. Rodeos are redneck and my family is red neck and Dallas' isn't so I guess I can see why he hasn't been to many rodeos in his life. 
 It was a free rodeo so it wasn't anything big. But they did team roping which is what my dad did so it was fun showing Dallas what my pops did back in the day. They did an event where they had to rope wild horses and those horses were SO pretty! We really enjoyed the event where the group of cowboys had to rope a little cow and bring it to the ground and tie its legs up. It was pretty intense but sad when the group of girls did it. They really struggled! They didn't have bull riding which I was super bummed about! When telling my Dad all about the rodeo, he said, "Son you haven't seen your first rodeo yet." haha so maybe next summer we will have to go to the Days of 47 rodeo.
 As we were leaving we walked past a guy holding a huge turkey leg. Dallas said he wanted one so he asked the guy where he got it. He said, "Right over there. It is worth every penny, " in his twangy red neck voice. Yee Haw! 
 We went boating with my in laws one last time but we went to Deer Creek up the canyon. It was a great time like always! 
 Dallas is so great! He got me an early birthday present. A mug with some of my favorite pictures of him on it. I absolutely loved it!! Seriously made my day :) You better believe I drink my OJ with it every morning! 
 We went hiking up Timp with some of my really good work friends. Dallas and I are so blessed with so many wonderful friends in our life! We wanted to do the guided tour of the caves but they were all sold out. So maybe next year!

This past week my little nephew sling shot a pen into his eye. The poor little guy had surgery and thankfully is recovering well. My sister in law was taking him to get a check up at the beginning of the week down in El Paso (they live in New Mexico). Long story short they got in an accident and the truck rolled. They both made it out ok, just Katey had a mild concussion and felt pretty sore the next day. My family is all so truly grateful that they were ok. Someone was definitely watching over them that day. My nephew was sitting behind Katey which was a good thing because the other side of the truck was pretty banged up. So a miracle definitely happened that day! I am so grateful that my family is kept safe. I can't imagine losing them. Things like this definitely make you want to hug your family more :)

Anyways, Dallas and I had an incredible summer and look forward to the adventures for the fall!


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