Picnic in the Park

I haven't posted much lately because I have been SO preoccupied with reading. I have been reading a lot lately! It started back in August when I went to California and I borrowed a book from my sister for the drive. Since then I have dusted off my library card and put it to use! I just love going to the library and picking up a new book (nerdy I know) especially when it was on hold! I have read Something Borrowed, The Last Song, Charlie St. Cloud and I am on the Mortal Instruments series which is so good! They are making them into movies and the first one comes out next year so it should be great!
 On Sunday we had Stake Conference and no family get togethers so we had a lot of time to hang out with each other which was so awesome! We had a picnic at this park by our house. 
 Hanging out in the shade because it was so warm! We had to play frisbee in the shade as well!
 All these pictures were taken on my phone so they aren't the greatest but I had to snap a pic of the mountains. I just love them this time of year, all full of color!

The park had a wonderful little stream running through it. Dallas is such a cutie! He saw some trash in the water so he got a stick and dished them out and threw them away. Way to save the environment honey! :)
There are a few new things in our lives. Dallas got a second job doing IT! We were both happy because now Dallas will be getting some great experience and it works well with his schedule. I am so proud of him! If he wants something he works hard til he gets it! And also we are going on a double date on the Heber Creeper Saturday with Dayna and George! It is a murder mystery train ride so we are pretty excited!


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