San Fran Girls Trip 2012

I apologize in advance for all the photos but photos are fun, right? Especially when they include super cute kiddos! The first week of August my mom, sister Lindsey, and her kids went on a girls trip  (no hubbies allowed!) to visit my sister in San Francisco. We used to go every summer but we haven't been out since Lindsey had Jane. So we braved the long, boring ride with her kids first road trip. 
 From Tooele to Reno it is just nothing but ugliness so those 8 to 9 hours are rough but once you hit Lake Tahoe it is gorgeous! The kids did really well, though! Desmond was happiest when he was in just his diaper haha. We arrived around 5. In time for some gourmet BBQ chicken pizza. Homemade food tastes so great after eating crappy during a car ride.
 Our first day there we went swimming at the pool in their neighborhood. Jane was tired and having a rough day. Lindsey was getting frustrated as you can see in the picture below!

 My nephew, Nolan. He loves Cars and had lots of Lightning MacQueen stuff!
 My sister and her husband bought a house last year out their. They had been living in an apartment but decided they needed more room. They have been remodeling and are pretty much done except a few minor details. The house looks great! So modern and up-to-date. They seriously did a fantastic job!
When we arrived there drive way and side walk was full of welcomes!

 Reagan showing off their work.
 Walking back from the pool! Isn't their neighborhood so gorgeous?! I miss California's hills, architecture and nature so much! I love how some freeways there are divided my pretty shrubs and flowers! 
 On the Friday that we were there we headed into the city. San Fran seriously is the greatest! The marine layer can make it really chilly but at least it wasn't blazing hot when we went.
 All piled into the car! 

 Fishermans Wharf. Seriously the coolest! I love walking along the piers smelling the ocean, fish and better yet the fish being cooked! I miss the ocean so much.
 In the distance you can see Alcatraz. That is one of the things I actually haven't done there yet but I want to wait until Dallas comes with me. I think he would like that!

 The In N Out on the wharf is pretty sweet!
 There was a lady selling these cute hats that we had to get for the kids!

 Cable cars. We have already ridden those so we didn't really want to try to go with the kids but they are still fun to do!
 mmm best chocolate ever! They give out a free one when you go in the gift shop!
 World Famous Ghiradelli Sundae
 It was really foggy but you can kind of make out the Golden Gate behind my mom!
 Boudins... best clam chowder and sour dough bread you will ever eat! Especially when you eat it piping hot by the chilly ocean... YUM!!! They have bread shaped as animals too! Above is the bear and crocodile. I brought Dallas some canned chowder you can buy but it just wasn't the same!

 It was Lacy's birthday while we were there so Matt bought a Costco apple pie!
 Chocolate Malted Crunch... most Californians will understand the love of Thrifty ice cream that I have yet to find in Utah. We grew up on this and truly is the best ice cream! When we moved, we were really sad that Rite Aid didn't carry it here. When we went on our honey moon to San Diego we bought some and Dallas loved it too! (thankgoodness... or this just may not have worked... ;)
 Jane doing some Zumba with hoe on the Kinect
The kids at the fancy Walnut Creek outdoor mall. 
It was such a great trip! But I sure did miss Dallas. Hopefully next summer him and I can make a trip out there. I think he would love it there!


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