In N Out Family Picnic

Every year my work puts on a picnic for the associates. The Utah picnic was at Seven Peaks here in Provo. This is my third picnic I have been to. I can't believe I have worked for the company that long! Time flew! They have to split it up between two days so that we don't have to close the stores. This picture is of my store on the second day. 
 They have store competitions and tug of war was one of them. We made it to the final round but lost to darn Centerville! 
 Our good friends Sam and Bryan. They met at in n out, he got baptized and married. 
 My really good friends Rocio and Katie. Katie and her husband Ashton had a baby girl in July and she is super precious!
 So Dallas and I went on Shotgun falls(the pink tube slide) but we didn't stop at the end and went straight off onto the concrete. Boy did it hurt! My butt/ leg got pretty scraped up which made for an uncomfortable few days afterwards.


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