Journals are Great! :)

Lately I have been thinking that I really need to be better at documenting my life. With all the wild fires and the shooting in Colorado this summer, it has brought on some memories from when I was younger still living in sunny San Diego. When I was in fifth grade there was a shooting at the high school by us where my brother was attending at the time ( and where I would've gone had we not moved a year before my freshman year), and when I was in 8th grade there was a huge firestorm that affected lots of San Diego county. Both times I had documented in my journal about these incidents. Even though they were both brief journal entries I am SO glad I can read how I felt when these tragic things happened! In forty years I can look back at my awful cursive writing how I cried like crazy in front of President Anderson (our stake president) in the midst of all the chaos when trying to find my brother and how grateful I was when we saw that he was ok. 

I had also written in my entry about the Cedar fire that we didn't have school for the whole week, soccer was cancelled and we couldn't go trick or treating. My 13 year old self was so distraught about the last two things! I still have the newspaper from this fire. The whole paper is dedicated to the fire with satellite pictures from space(those are insane!), the devastation, and those that lost their lives. Like the lady in the picture below we had to wear these face masks all week because the air was awful. It was just so devastating! I wish I had some of the pictures because our little Dehesa Valley and lots of San Diego looked like a war zone. Anyways, my point is writing in a journal is so important and I am going to try to be better at writing in my journal and blogging as well since that is definitely a form of a journal! 


  1. Oh, sister! I am glad you journal and have saved all that. Your posterity will love reading through it. See you soon!


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