Hair and Boating

WARNING: The following photos may cause slight gagging and/or dismay in Dallas and Loni....
Saturday morning Dallas and I cleaned our apartment really good including cleaning out the filter on the vacuum. But to Dallas' dismay as he turned the vacuum upside down, he found enough hair to make a wig. It was pretty gross!
 (That can't be my hair... ha)
 Needless to say, my hair falls out like crazy and I am not good about keeping track of it but the vacuum sure is :) 

Also on Saturday we went boating with Dallas' family. This boating trip they busted out the torpedo/water weeny/ banana looking thingy. Holy cow it was tough to stay on that thing but it was really fun! It wasn't blown up enough which probably added to not being able to stay on very well.  
 This photo is of me, Krystle and Dayna but pretty much you can only see me. Whoever sat on the back  was sunken down because of the lack of air in the tube.
 Dallas and his brother Colby. Notice the crazy storm behind them? Well a crazy storm was brewing which was making some wild winds causing some pretty choppy water. We decided to head in as it started getting closer. 

It was a really fun day! Afterwards, we cleaned everything up and went back for pizza and a movie with everyone.


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