A Week with the Harris'

This week we have been so busy! But I am seriously kicking myself in the butt because we never had our camera with us so we are lacking in the photo department. This week we spent a lot of time with my in laws (every other day we were there haha)! It all started with Sunday afternoon. We all piled into the huge van and went up to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house for a get together with some extended family. We had a bbq, played UNO, and visited. It was great getting to know them more because I swear the last and only time I really met them was at our wedding which is really pathetic. Grandma wants to do sunday dinners more often so hopefully we can keep up with all the family things we do on Sunday between our two families! 
Tuesday was Pioneer Day. Growing up we never really celebrated this holiday living in Utah so it just seems like another day to me especially when I still have to work. But it is an excuse to see fireworks :) A little side story I was driving to work at about 8 through some neighborhood when I saw a crowd of people dressed in pioneer clothes walking up ahead. As I get close they don't move and they were right in the road! They knew I was there yet they didn't move. I had to wait for them to cross the street before I could turn onto the street to work. I was so irritated! I wanted to yell, "Some of us still have to get to work today you crazy Utahn!" But I sped off hoping to show they were being very rude! ;) After work we headed to the in laws for dinner and one of our greatest firework shows yet! Stephanie had two bunnies and one of them died that day so she was really sad. We buried it in the backyard before the fireworks. They told us that we seem to be creative so we have to come up with activities/games whenever we get together so we better start thinking! :) 
Thursday was my mother in laws (Connie) birthday. It was the "over the hill" birthday so she wore this 50 glasses when we went to dinner at Goodwood. We met up for dinner then went back to the house for ice cream cake. Dallas' sisters (Dayna and Steph) had decorated the house for Connie and it was seriously so cute! Dallas got some pics on his phone so I will post as soon as we get them on our computer. 
 This picture really has nothing to do with this week but a couple of weeks ago I really wanted to make a fort and watch a movie (what am I 5??) but forts never seem to work for us haha so I asked Dallas if he would want to bring our mattress into the living room to sleep. Of course he said yes! The only bad part was the sun shines in the living room in the morning so it was hard to sleep them. I came home to the bed made by Dallas :)

Last night we went to my niece, Alyssa, soccer tournament here in Orem. I am seriously the proudest aunt ever! I have been able to see my two oldest nieces play soccer in the past two months and they are so good! This year they got on really good soccer clubs. Afterwards Dallas and I wanted to have ice cream but we figured we needed to work for it so we walked all the way to Yogurtland and back. I love yogurtland!! The whole trip took about an hour. This is us taking a small break at the bus stop. We have been so much more active in our lives these past few months and I love it!
To finish off the week with the Harris' we are going boating today so hopefully the thunder storms stay away!!


  1. haha I love that you guys brought your mattress out there! :) We had ours in the living room for like 2 weeks last summer so we could watch movies in bed. Great minds must think alike!

  2. That is awesome! One of the many joys of being newlyweds! :)


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