4th of July Week

I love the 4th of July so much! It is one of those few holidays when my whole family can get together because my brother who lives in New Mexico and my sister who lives in San Fran comes into town for the festivities. Starting off the week we celebrated Chase's birthday on the Sunday before. Lance and his family wasn't here yet because they went on a small camping trip in Durango, Colorado which is along the way here. 
Here is me and my buddy Desmond. He is seriously the happiest baby ever and look at those baby blues! The reason my hair is crazy because my sister was trying a crazy braid on the back which you can't see. I took refuge in front of the portable swamp cooler put in the back yard.  
 My dad found this game which is played a lot at tail gate parties. He ordered it for us to play this year and every year that is because it is actually really fun! It is kind of like horse shoes but add in byu and u of u boards and then it gets pretty competitive especially with my split family on the rivalry! It is called corn hole. I am not going to lie it is pretty red neck complete with the swamp cooler in the back yard but hey my fam is red neck at times, ya'll! ;) (especially back in the rodeo days)

 Lining up to watch the Corn hole tournament on the night before the 4th.

It is a tradition in the Roundy family started by my grandparents to have a sleep over the night before the 4th. When we would visit Utah growing up, it was my favorite ever! We would sleep out in the front yard of my grandparents house (i thought this was so cool because you would never do such a thing living in California). We would play night games and walk to 7-11 at midnight. Now that my grandparents are both gone, the tradition has carried over into our immediate family minus a few things. We sleep inside and don't walk to 7-11 because that would seriously take all night from my parents house.

So this is all the grandkids setting up beds in the down stairs. The house was full! Every room was full I love it! :) I love having my family close even if it is just for that short time.
 Another tradition passed down is the big breakfast my parents do on the morning of. My brother Lance and Landen helped out a lot this year. 
 Yet another tradition is the Kaysville parade which is the hottest parade ever. Seriously who has their parade at 11 am on the fourth of July!? But we found shelter under my brothers umbrella (he is still cancer free baby!). This is my oldest niece, Alyssa. I can't believe she is old enough to go to young womans camp! It was her first year.
 So you know how I said the parade starts at 11? Well by the time it gets to where we sit it is more like 12. But it was still fun to see the Davis High marching band which my cousin is in. I sang the fight song nice and loud to Dallas which he loved... ;) 
 One tradition we didn't do this year was the Kaysville fireworks. We didn't not want to fight the chaos of those fireworks so we went to my sisters house in Layton to watch the fireworks there. MUCH more peaceful!

 Growing up I had some of the best memories back packing/camping with my family. We have been to some cool places! This year we went to Monte Cristo up in the Cache National forest. It was so pretty and high up there too!

 There was skeletons there that were kind of creepy though. And bear sightings.....
 Thank goodness we were able to have a fire! We were worried but we still got to have smorz!
Every year my Uncle Shad takes my family on his boat when they are all in town. So we did that the next day at Pine View. No offense Utah Lake but Pine view was much cleaner! Dallas water skied which he was really good at! I went knee boarding. I did a 360 baby! That is  my favorite boating toy! We got a huge wind/rain/thunder storm, though. Didn't put a damper on things. We had to leave early for a wedding but my family stayed til dark!


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