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Hair and Boating

WARNING: The following photos may cause slight gagging and/or dismay in Dallas and Loni.... Saturday morning Dallas and I cleaned our apartment really good including cleaning out the filter on the vacuum. But to Dallas' dismay as he turned the vacuum upside down, he found enough hair to make a wig. It was pretty gross!  (That can't be my hair... ha)  Needless to say, my hair falls out like crazy and I am not good about keeping track of it but the vacuum sure is :) 
Also on Saturday we went boating with Dallas' family. This boating trip they busted out the torpedo/water weeny/ banana looking thingy. Holy cow it was tough to stay on that thing but it was really fun! It wasn't blown up enough which probably added to not being able to stay on very well.    This photo is of me, Krystle and Dayna but pretty much you can only see me. Whoever sat on the back  was sunken down because of the lack of air in the tube.  Dallas and his brother Colby. Notice the crazy storm behind th…

A Week with the Harris'

This week we have been so busy! But I am seriously kicking myself in the butt because we never had our camera with us so we are lacking in the photo department. This week we spent a lot of time with my in laws (every other day we were there haha)! It all started with Sunday afternoon. We all piled into the huge van and went up to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house for a get together with some extended family. We had a bbq, played UNO, and visited. It was great getting to know them more because I swear the last and only time I really met them was at our wedding which is really pathetic. Grandma wants to do sunday dinners more often so hopefully we can keep up with all the family things we do on Sunday between our two families!  Tuesday was Pioneer Day. Growing up we never really celebrated this holiday living in Utah so it just seems like another day to me especially when I still have to work. But it is an excuse to see fireworks :) A little side story I was driving to work at abou…

4th of July Week

I love the 4th of July so much! It is one of those few holidays when my whole family can get together because my brother who lives in New Mexico and my sister who lives in San Fran comes into town for the festivities. Starting off the week we celebrated Chase's birthday on the Sunday before. Lance and his family wasn't here yet because they went on a small camping trip in Durango, Colorado which is along the way here.  Here is me and my buddy Desmond. He is seriously the happiest baby ever and look at those baby blues! The reason my hair is crazy because my sister was trying a crazy braid on the back which you can't see. I took refuge in front of the portable swamp cooler put in the back yard.   My dad found this game which is played a lot at tail gate parties. He ordered it for us to play this year and every year that is because it is actually really fun! It is kind of like horse shoes but add in byu and u of u boards and then it gets pretty competitive especially with m…

Journals are Great! :)

Lately I have been thinking that I really need to be better at documenting my life. With all the wild fires and the shooting in Colorado this summer, it has brought on some memories from when I was younger still living in sunny San Diego. When I was in fifth grade there was a shooting at the high school by us where my brother was attending at the time ( and where I would've gone had we not moved a year before my freshman year), and when I was in 8th grade there was a huge firestorm that affected lots of San Diego county. Both times I had documented in my journal about these incidents. Even though they were both brief journal entries I am SO glad I can read how I felt when these tragic things happened! In forty years I can look back at my awful cursive writing how I cried like crazy in front of President Anderson (our stake president) in the midst of all the chaos when trying to find my brother and how grateful I was when we saw that he was ok. 
I had also written in my entry about…