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 Here are a few photos we have taken lately. We have been enjoying the first part of our summer! And boy has it been SO hot! I wake up a lot of mornings wishing I could go to the beach. I really miss those summer days in California!

So this first picture is of our make shift massage table. One night we decided to give each other back massages so we used out ottoman, a few pillows for our heads and a blanket for my cold feet! It worked great! :)
 Most of you Utahns know of the Pass of all Passes deal. Well the whole Harris clan has one which is so convient! This pass pretty much gets us into 15 different places for a small price. One of those places is Seven Peaks so it works great for the summer! One Saturday we decided to go for a few hours to escape the heat. Look how white we are!!! ;) Good thing we have some boating trips planned!
 We took Londyn with us (dayna and george's baby). She was in a super cute strawberry swim suit :)
 So Dallas has this thing for taking pictures of me while I sleep, apparently I do funny things when I sleep! This was just a few nights ago, I fell asleep on the couch and my lip was stuck to my tooth so he had to snap a photo!
 We have some really good friends in our ward who live in our complex, The Deckers and the Camps. We always sit by them at church, do game nights and such. The Camps are moving back east for school this summer so we decided to throw them a game night just for them. We got Little Caesars and Gina made this chocolate cake. I went over to help her decorate it so she could show me a few tricks. One of those things is the rose on the right. I made that flower!! I was so proud of it! She gave me lots of tips. Thanks Gina!

We also had a pinterest party with a few of my friends from work but I didn't get any photos. We each made a new recipe and brought it to share. We played video games and ate lots of treats! We really do have some incredible friends! 
We have a busy few weeks ahead with some camping trips and my family coming into town. I can't wait! :) I love the 4th of July!


  1. What an awesome flower! And I thought you were planking on that first picture of the massage table. haha.


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