May 2012 and Orem Summerfest

 In May we celebrated Dayna's (Dallas' sister) birthday. They always take pictures with everyone around the cake so we busted out the tripod! The picture is complete with little Londyn in her bumbo!

 This little gem here is the souvenir we got from Colby and Krystle from Disneyland. They thought of Dallas when they saw it so now it is adding more flavor to the blue bomb. :)
 One Sunday afternoon Dallas and I went on a drive up Provo Canyon stopping by bridal viel falls for a walk. We even drove up to Deer Creek. It was such a beautiful drive and made me super excited for the summer!
 This past weekend we went to the Annual Summerfest here in Orem. My sister, Lindsey, and her family came down for it and my bro, Landen, and his family came who live in Springville. The wind was awful that evening make it freezing! Of course, Dallas and I didn't dress accordingly but who cares... we got a funnel cake and that is all that matters!! ;) After being there for almost two hours, Dayna saved me by bringing a jacket and Dallas handed over his socks for me! We took the kiddos to play some games and ride a few rides. By the time the parade started we were all frozen stiff!
 This is me, my sister Lindsey aka "hoe", my brother and his girl, Emma.
My brother in law, Roland, and cute Jane! Stephanie, Dallas' sister, hung out with us and then Dayna and George met up with us a little later. They normally do fireworks but we decided we were way too cold to watch them this year. Good thing the 4th is coming up :)


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