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Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary Surprise

On May 5th, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. 40 YEARS! It makes me feel old.. ;) For the past six months my siblings have secretly been planning them a party. My grandparents had a big party planned for them for their 40th anniversary so that is why we wanted to do this. We finally narrowed it down to doing a luncheon with just the siblings and spouses and then a reception in the evening with the whole family and invite my parents siblings and friends. The whole day turned out perfect! Sorry for the long post but there are some fun pictures!
For the luncheon we went to Corbins Grille in Layton. Holy smokes! That place seriously rocks. It is fancy, the food was fabulous and it was not expensive at all. Their fried brie was to die for as well as my po boy sandwich! We gave my parents a web cam so they can video chat with the kids who live far away. Roland sketched a family tree, each little family had their own branch for their thumb prints. It turned out really ni…