Webs, Tennis and Twirps

Since the weather has been warming up we figured it was about time to turn on the ol swamp cooler. But... one slight problem... we noticed that there was a mass amount of cob webs that had accumulated where the air blows out. In fear that once we turned on the swamp cooler that spider webs would fly all over, Dallas got our handy dandy vacuum and took care of it. :) 

So Dallas and I have been wanting to play tennis for the past month or so but every time we would plan it it seemed to rain that day or be too cold. Finally, when I heard that this past weekend would be in the 70's and 80's, I knew it would be the perfect time! We found cheap racquets so we just bought some. All I got to say is tennis is definitely not my calling in life but it is seriously  lots of fun! The reason why our "action" shots above have a ball stuck in the racquet is because I kept getting the ball stuck their instead of actually hitting the ball!  
Oh and remember how I said it would be warm this weekend? Well I got fried!! Last night I was freaking out thinking that every mole or freckle was cancerous... I guess I am just paranoid after my big bro was diagnosed with Melanoma a couple months ago. This summer we will definitely be using spf 50 in our household! :) 

One morning I was driving to work and I noticed a little foot print on the wind shield. When I got out of the car this is what I found! It started at the front of the car going all along the top of the car to the back of it. Clearly, we have some twirps living in our complex. There is a group of young kids that are always playing outside and I am almost a hundred percent positive its them. Btw we were in serious need of a car wash! Good thing it rained the next day!


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