Missing the Familia

All I got to say is.... What a year it has been so far! Gee Whiz! I am pretty sure I have said this before but this year has definitely had its ups and downs. But I am so grateful for first off such a wonderful husband. I just love him so much! He is truly the bestest friend I could ever ask for :) 
Last weekend I realized I hadn't seen my brother and his family who live in New Mexico since July of last year, my sister and her family who live in San Fran since Thanksgiving and the rest of my family for almost a month.( by the way going without seeing "the rest of my family" for a month is actually really long since I am only an hour away) Realizing this made me long SO badly to see them! Last night I just bawled to Dallas saying how badly I want to even just give my mom and dad a hug(i can be a tad bit emotional.... ha ha) And he so sweetly says "Well we can go up their on Sunday if you want" Man I just love him! He puts up with my emotional self so well :) 

 I am just so grateful for my family. Today, as a family, we have been fasting for a close family friend who happens to be my dad's best friend. We were originally going to fast this Sunday but due to certain circumstances we did it sooner. BOY was it tough fasting while working at In n out all day!! But it was so great knowing that my siblings and parents were all doing the same thing. My family really is so united and bands together during tough times. This isn't the first time this year we have had to fast as a family and I am grateful we are all strong in the gospel so that we are strong during our trials! I am looking forward to seeing my whole family someday!!...... :) 


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