So I realized I have been a little bit of a hypocrite when it comes to blogging. I bug my family from out of state to post on their blogs and post pictures so I can see their cute families. I guess I am just kind of sad that they are growing up away from me where I can't see their progress in life as easily. Anyways, I realized I have been awful at putting up pictures and posting on our blog lately so I need to be better before I hassle anyone else about it! I am also really bad at taking pictures so I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures in front of my favorite tree outside our door so this post wouldn't be totally boring. 

You probably can't really tell in the pictures but I got a hair cut a few weeks ago. It was just a trim and lots of layers. My good friend Cassidy just got a job at a fancy salon at the gateway but she has a three month trial period where she isn't "on the floor" cutting clients hair and once a week she takes a class from her boss. The model for the class gets their hair cut for free and she asked me to be her model one day. The hair cut was fabulous! 
On April fools we hung out with my family to celebrate Easter. We watched conference up in Kaysville and had a Easter egg hunt for the kids in the basement since the weather was crappy. I probably don't really need to elaborate on the infamous prank that went down since everyone pretty much knows about it! 
Dallas' brother, Jeremy and his wife, Sara visited from Wisconsin this past week. We met their cute little girl, Scarlet, for the first time. She is adorable! We hung out with them for the afternoon and everyone went bowling at Fat Cats. It was really fun hanging out with them! 


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