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Oh Boy! I have been terrible at updating the blog lately! Life has been really preoccupying I guess or distracting. I was kind of in a funk but I am getting out of it thank goodness! So a few things have happened this past month or so. We found out my big bro is cancer free (woot woot!). It was such a relief! Dallas had his last day of work on the 29th of February. He has had a few interviews but then got an offer at Linx. He decided to take it so he starts next week! We have had our share of downs lately but good has come after every down :)  So in our blue bomb or POS vehicle has always had the two cracks across the windshield but we chose to not fix it because I am not going to lie that car is a piecer. One morning Dallas noticed that those cracks connected in multiple spots and when he pushed the glass it gave a little bit. We went to get it fixed the next morning! And it looks great now!  It was a bout time huh?  Dallas turned 25! He wasn't very excited about this age. 25 ju…