Superbowl XLVI aka 46

What a day it has been! I will start off by saying sorry but this blog post will probably be very long! Last Sunday I got a call from a lady in my parents ward asking if I would be a guest speaker for her lesson in Young Women's for today. Since my parent's ward starts at nine we decided to go up to Kaysville Saturday night so that we wouldn't have to wake up super early this morning for the drive. There was quite a scare during their sacrament meeting, though. A man had a heartache heart attack during the meeting. He was in the back of the room not too far away from us. Before we knew what was going on, all of a sudden we see the bishopric running down the aisle. They ended the meeting and asked everyone to clear out to make room for the paramedics. As we were walking out we noticed that the bishopric was giving him a blessing. It made me really proud to be a part of such a great church that rushes to the aid of others and can administer such a wonderful blessing! 
So as everyone knows today was the Superbowl which is always a fun time with my family! But I will say I am really suffering from food coma right now! We always have such great (and lots) food and football has always been a part of our family with my brothers playing and all. So I decided to take Muddy Buddys to share and I am not going to lie they were breath taking and super easy too.

We always have a Q&A before the superbowl. Each couple or family has to predict things like who will win the coin toss, who will score the first touch down and such. This always makes it more fun especially when none of our teams are playing. It gives it a competitive edge because there are prizes! These were the prizes. I liked how there was a "Sympathy" bar for the one that lost the most! We also included my siblings that were out of state which both ended up winning! Dallas and I came in third so we got the glass bowl with the candy. First place got a gift card.
 This was our treats table. As you can see we had a TON! Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, potato chip cookies, the muddy buddies, oreo truffles, chocolate caramel rice krispy treats and chocolate covered pretzel rods. Yum! Tomorrow I will definitely be hitting the gym hard!
 Hoe eating some grub and showing off her new pink sparkly Toms! 
 We had appetizers before the game which consisted of veggie platters, shrimp, cheese platter, salsa and cheese dips, football shaped jello jigglers, spinach artichoke dip. Just to name a few. :) At half time we had Salmon burgers and tater tots but I had to share with Hoe because I was so full! 
 Mom with cute Desmond! He is getting to the stage where he is so smiley!

I will say that this Superbowl was actually really awesome this year! Kelly Clarkson didn't butcher the National Anthem and actually knew the words, there were a lot of great commercials (like the audi vampire one and the brown M&M one.. hilarious!), the halftime show was finally entertaining (we haven't had a good one since JT and Janet...sorry Rolling Stones...), and it was a close game right down to the last second! I was happy that considering everything Loren has dealt with this week he still was hooting and hollering as usual! It was a really great day!
Oh and a side note, last night after a few minutes of laying in bed the lights suddenly turned back on. It totally freaked me out! I made Dallas get back up to turn them off. My parents said that it happens now and again. They figure it was something with the wiring... I say bull crap... that room is haunted! ;)


  1. was it a heartache or heart attack?

  2. Dude, Matt and I freaking ROCKED the super bowl trivia!!!!! Good post Loni, I LOVE seeing pics of the family events we miss out on. Love you.

  3. oh I mean heart attack!! You guys did rock it Lac! We missed you guys too!


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