Ode to the Big Bro

This post is an ode to my big brother, Loren. He has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks but especially today. Today, Loren had surgery for his cancer and it went really well! This photo is of Loren (without the shades) with his bf (best friend), Todd. They ride bikes together along with some other buddies. They ride in LOTOJA every September which is a 206 mile race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One particular year his bf was recovering from cancer but still rode. My bro had a goal for the time he wanted to finish but as he came to the last stretch of the race his buddy started to fall behind and it looked like he might not finish. So my brother slowed down to help his friend finish the race making him not achieve his goal time. That story just warms my heart and makes me proud to say he is my big brother. It goes to show what kind of person he is... dedicated to those he loves, strong and selfless. I admire his strength especially lately, his faith, and optimism. Sometimes I feel like I am having a harder time dealing with his cancer than he is! I am really glad he has such great friends especially, Todd, who can be a great support to him during this time!


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