Actual Valentines Day!

Valentines 2012 was great this year! I woke up to Dallas giving me roses and Reese's (my fav). We both went our separate ways to school and work. We decided for Valentines day we would do a flash back to when we were dating. When we were dating we would always make BBQ chicken pizza so we made that which has progressively gotten better since then! Dallas had the dough made before I even got home and he did a fantastic job! So this is Dallas with our yummy pizza! When we were dating, the couches in my apartment were so small so we would take the cushions off and line them up on the floor, cover them with a blanket and watch Stargate (alien show). It was so much more comfy! Sometimes we would get Extreme Moose tracks ice cream and eat straight from the carton(no wonder I gained some weight while we were dating!). So we did all those things! It was fun!
 This is Dallas with his dark chocolate and Oreos I gave him. He is always trying to sneak oreos into our cart when we go grocery shopping but always catch him so I figured I would finally buy them for him!

 The roses and candy that he gave me!
 So maintenance changed our door last week but still need to paint it then put the number 13 back on. I had said one day how funny it would be to tape it up for now but do 31 instead. I came home yesterday to  apartment 31. Oh I love him! :)

 We went to the in laws Valentines night to pick up some flowers from Dallas' dad and to say hello. His sister, Dayna, was at the hospital in labor. We all got the text saying she had Londyn. Needless to say we were all out of the house within ten minutes heading to the hospital! It was very exciting! Londyn is so so cute! They have a cute family!
We watched from the nursery as they gave her a bath and a shot :(. This was about when they were giving her a shot hence George's face!


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