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Ode to the Big Bro

This post is an ode to my big brother, Loren. He has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks but especially today. Today, Loren had surgery for his cancer and it went really well! This photo is of Loren (without the shades) with his bf (best friend), Todd. They ride bikes together along with some other buddies. They ride in LOTOJA every September which is a 206 mile race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One particular year his bf was recovering from cancer but still rode. My bro had a goal for the time he wanted to finish but as he came to the last stretch of the race his buddy started to fall behind and it looked like he might not finish. So my brother slowed down to help his friend finish the race making him not achieve his goal time. That story just warms my heart and makes me proud to say he is my big brother. It goes to show what kind of person he is... dedicated to those he loves, strong and selfless. I admire his strength especially lately, his faith, and optimism…

Dinner and a Movie

Dallas knew that I wanted to see The Vow so bad and kinda sorta surprised me yesterday. He was planning something but I figured out what because I ask too many questions when I am curious. So after work yesterday we headed to Little Ceasars to get some dinner to sneak into the theatre. :) I had done that once or twice with my roommates back in the day but that was the first time I had done it with Dallas. It truly is such a great thing to do because their food is too expensive and not that great at theaters. The movie was SO great! I don't think Dallas liked it as much as I did....I think he cried more than I did too ;) 

Possibly a murder weapon???

So Loni and I found some disturbing items behind our apartment’s air filter. The items are very suspicious and creeped me and Loni out. What were they you ask? A knife, a black pen, and a chisel.
Not going to lie, I had some desire to move out when we saw that, but I want to hear from you guys, why do you think these items were there?

Actual Valentines Day!

Valentines 2012 was great this year! I woke up to Dallas giving me roses and Reese's (my fav). We both went our separate ways to school and work. We decided for Valentines day we would do a flash back to when we were dating. When we were dating we would always make BBQ chicken pizza so we made that which has progressively gotten better since then! Dallas had the dough made before I even got home and he did a fantastic job! So this is Dallas with our yummy pizza! When we were dating, the couches in my apartment were so small so we would take the cushions off and line them up on the floor, cover them with a blanket and watch Stargate (alien show). It was so much more comfy! Sometimes we would get Extreme Moose tracks ice cream and eat straight from the carton(no wonder I gained some weight while we were dating!). So we did all those things! It was fun! This is Dallas with his dark chocolate and Oreos I gave him. He is always trying to sneak oreos into our cart when we go grocery sho…

Early Valentines Day Celebration!

Today was a miracle! I wasn't scheduled on a Saturday and I didn't even have to ask for it off either! This hardly ever happens so we decided to take advantage of the day and celebrate Valentines day tonight since Dallas has class til 7:45 on Tuesday. We still have a few plans for actual Valentines day, though. So this morning we woke up and headed to the Harris' to do our laundry. While we were doing laundry we headed to Orem Rec Center just down the street to play Raquetball. It was so fun! I have played a few times with my roommates back in the day but always ended up just goofing around. It was nice to finally learn the rules and have Dallas teach me the ropes! It was a great workout as well!
After we played raquetball, we went for a swim in the pool there. We were going to sit in the hot tub but there was a lot of old men in there. But the pool was actually pretty warm so it worked!

We decided to dress up nice and go to dinner to Macaroni Grill as our Valentines dinn…

Superbowl XLVI aka 46

What a day it has been! I will start off by saying sorry but this blog post will probably be very long! Last Sunday I got a call from a lady in my parents ward asking if I would be a guest speaker for her lesson in Young Women's for today. Since my parent's ward starts at nine we decided to go up to Kaysville Saturday night so that we wouldn't have to wake up super early this morning for the drive. There was quite a scare during their sacrament meeting, though. A man had a heartache heart attack during the meeting. He was in the back of the room not too far away from us. Before we knew what was going on, all of a sudden we see the bishopric running down the aisle. They ended the meeting and asked everyone to clear out to make room for the paramedics. As we were walking out we noticed that the bishopric was giving him a blessing. It made me really proud to be a part of such a great church that rushes to the aid of others and can administer such a wonderful blessing!  So as…

UVU Parking Tickes

So I last week I went to the testing center to take a physics test, when I came out of the test I had a citation on my Car. It had a stupid code on it that I didn’t quite understand.

Then yesterday I got this one…

So last night I called parking services and asked what the Code: 040 is. They told me that I had an old ticket on my windshield that hadn’t been taken care of. They take the old one and put the new one on. Well I asked them if they had the old one, they told me to call back Today. So I did and the officer who answered the phone told me that the first ticket had been voided out because there was no previous citation number with the ticket. So I didn’t have to pay. However it turns out that I had my pass facing backward… Go figure.

I am really glad I didn’t have to pay for anything! :)