Trip Down Memory Lane: Christmas Tree Prank

You know how the first few weeks of January you see christmas trees on the curbs as you drive through neighborhoods? Well every time I see this it takes me back to a much more carefree time in my life when all that really mattered was what my friends and I were going to do on Friday night. Junior year in high school was truly my favorite year in high school! We were kind of wild and did some crazy, random things but thats what made it so fun!
So during Christmas break my friends, Ashley and Chelsey, and I were driving around wondering what the heck we could do, because we were so bored. Naturally, the trees sparked our interests. We decided to collect as many of the trees through out Kaysville as we could and put them all over our friend Braden's house. We knew his family was gone for the evening and we figured it wouldn't be considered stealing, because the trees were going to get picked up as garbage anyways.
This is Chelsey and I delivering the trees to Braden's house thinking we were hilarious!
This is Ashley and Chelsey putting trees in the basement entry way.
We used Ashley's truck to take loads of trees to Braden's house.
This was the finished product. We even found a tree that had lights on it so we plugged it in the outlet by the front door. Hilarious right? Well Braden's brother didn't think so. He told Braden that if we didn't come clean it up soon he would call the cops. Naturally we hurried back over but we had no idea what to do with all these trees! This was out in West Kaysville and there was a lot of home construction going on out there so we had the bright idea of dumping the trees in the construction dumpsters. Terrible idea! We noticed as we were dropping off the trees in the dumpsters that there was a car following us. Turned out there was a retired police officer in the neighborhood and there was a $500 dollar fine for public dumping in those dumpsters (we had dumped the trees in probably four different dumpsters. He also threatened to call the cops if we didn't get those trees out tonight. So we spent the next hour dumpster diving for christmas trees and trying to deliver them back to the curbs we found them at.
Pretty much the prank totally back fired on us but now we laugh at it. It makes for some wonderful memories and boy did we have some great ones in high school full of construction cones and toilet papering... but thats a whole different story and different day! :)


  1. hahahahahaha!!!! this is my most favorite post i've ever seen..EVER!! That still makes me laugh so hard when I think about it, we had such good times!!

  2. haha that is hilarious! I am impressed especially with the idea of plugging one in for special effects! well done youth of our generation... well done.

  3. We did have some incredible times! I should probably remind braden of this :)


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