Life's curveballs

PastedGraphic-2012-01-20-11-39.jpgSo you know how sometimes life will throw you a curveball? Well This week loni and I have had another one thrown at us.

On wednesday I found out that Familylink is selling it’s only app to another company which means that I will be out of a job. Here is what i know:

1. The deal is closing on Jan 31st
2. It is pretty much a done deal, but there is still always the possibility that it falls through.
3. They are going to be moving over the dev team, and the marketing team but not the IT.
4. There maybe a transition phase where they give me a month of severance.
5. Our medical, vision, and dental benefits are going away.

This curve ball has definitely made loni and I change our life plan a little bit. I am putting in applications right now but since my schedule at school limits the amount of hours I can work a week I am skeptical that I will be able to find a job before summer, however I am starting to feel better now that I am using my connections to search for job opportunities.

so it’s just Tuesday and Thursday I can’t work, but it sucks that I have a class in the middle of the day on monday. Hopefully i will be able to to find a job that allows me to set my own schedule like Familylink did.

Here is my school schedule:
M: I have a class at 12pm
T: @ school all day
W: Available
R: @ School all day
F: Available

We are trying to remain optimistic through this but it is hard, I often find myself just wanting to be lazy and watch Smallville instead of doing homework but that wouldn’t be good! ;)


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