The Ending of a great year

What a great year 2011 was! It was our first full year of being married and we had some really incredible memories. I just love Dallas so much! Anyways, I will say I am really excited for the new year. Before I get to that I need to finish the details of 2011! Dallas' sister got married on the 30th. The engagement was very short but everything came together beautifully!

Dallas and I had fun taking high school prom pictures! :)

If anyone has seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will understand this picture! They kiss that way in the movie.
Brotherly Love
I was able to get off of work early to attend the wedding. It was a great night! We got to
hang out with the love birds and the family after the wedding. We went to Texas Roadhouse for a
steak celebration!
New years eve was pretty low key but was good! We spent it with the Harris'. Everyone was
pretty exhausted from all the moving that has been going on so we played games and watched
movies. At midnight we had sparkling cider and had to run and cheer outside! I had to work in
the morning so we left pretty quick after midnight.


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