Challenges, Accomplishments and Family

Ya'll are probably thinking I have been MIA lately because I haven't posted anything for awhile now. Life for us has changed since the new year like Dallas has previously posted. The New Year so far has brought its ups and downs. We were pretty upset by the news that Dallas would be out of a job soon making us feel very discouraged. It has taken a lot of faith and prayers to get through this, but I am very confident in Dallas being able to find a job. He has this knack for finding a job. He has never had a problem with it!
On the plus side I got my raise at work and became a Level 6. I have been training to become a cook at work which has been quite a journey. My manager has been really dedicated in making this happen for me. It has taken four months, a few tears, curse words now and again, and lots of energy. It takes a lot out of you and is really tough to be a cook. Level 6 is the first raise at work that requires being passed off by both my manager and divisional manager. Eric, my manager, passed me off in December. I wasn't expecting to be watched by out DM, Kristi, for a couple of months. But I was informed last Monday that she would be coming Thursday. The whole week I was really nervous. It is very rare that Kristi passes someone off their first time. Long story short it went really well and she was really impressed with how I did. She passed me off! It felt great to accomplish that!
My brothers and sisters have been on my mind a lot this past week or so. I came across this photo the other day and it made me so happy! I just love all of their examples and their strength. It makes me happy that I get to spend my entire earthly life and eternity with them (as well as my whole family and harris fam!). We have lots of fun together and I think this photo shows that!


  1. Sorry to hear about the Job! Glad you are having a good attitude about it though! Good luck, we love you guys!

  2. Thanks Katey! I love that you updated your blog!


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