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Changes Coming!

There are a few changes going on in our lives right now that I thought I would share with ya'll! So Dallas has been working two jobs lately while going to school full time. Needless to say he has been working his boo-tay off! I think it has really been kind of tough on him even though he never complains (one of the many reasons I love him!). So Dallas put in his two weeks at his job he works in the evenings so he can focus more on his IT job for the experience. I think he will be very happy! Also, as soon as Dallas takes his last final we are going on a much needed vacation for Mr. Dallas! We are going to the happiest place on earth! Thats right Disneyland! I haven't been since I was about 11 and it has been awhile for Dallas too. We are going to go with Dallas' parents so it will be fun to spend time with them. I like to think of Dallas' fam as "pros" when it comes to Disneyland so they will show me all of the tricks of the trade. Another change in our life…

2nd Anniversary and Turkey Day

Dallas and I celebrated our two years of marriage last Monday! We headed to Magelbys for dinner after work. It was so yummy and fancy! Full of prime rib, shrimp, baked brie and raspberry lemonade. :) Afterwards we went to the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake to spend the night with the wild animals in the jungle safari room! Seriously so cool! When we arrived they had cheesecake in the fridge (Dallas who doesn't care for cheesecake actually ate it and liked it!) and sparkling cider chilling in ice.  The shower was an elephant!   Dallas and mr giraffe   It really felt like we were in a totally different place!  There was a waterfall too!  When we arrived we let them know what we wanted for breakfast and what time we wanted them to deliver it to us. Rad huh? We felt totally spoiled!  In front of our waterfall  The carpet was cheetah print and there were stairs leading up to the bed. You can kind of see the sink which is a tree! It was a really fun room!   My cutie :)  The building was …

The Best Two Years

Like I have posted before our anniversary is coming up... as in two days!! November 19. What a great day! We are both super excited. I was looking through the pictures from our honeymoon and thought I would post a few of those. We went to San Diego and Ventura on our honeymoon. I wanted to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain super bad so we spent the last few days of our honeymoon up in the Ventura area.  We left Utah just in time to miss a big snow storm so we dodged the bullet on that :)   We visited all of the beaches I would go to growing up. This one is Mission Beach where it had a little board walk/amusement park. The rides were so expensive but we found these sunglasses for pretty cheap. I call them our love glasses :) Dallas also bought me some wooden flowers in our wedding colors while I was in the bathroom!   I think Dallas looks SO hot here.... hubba hubba ;)   We left our mark at Mission Beach. It was too chilly to swim but it was still great to hang out in the sand! We also w…

Snow Day!

This past weekend we had a crazy snow storm. It seemed like we got more snow over the course of two days than we did all last winter! It was fun but I know I will get sick of it. And I really hate driving in it... Anyways, when Dallas got home from work Friday we decided to go play in it. Our friends who live two doors down (the Deckers) came to join us in building the snowman followed by hot chocolate.   It was a winter wonderland! Driving home from work Friday I couldn't brush the car off fast enough!   We had a little happy surprise from The Deckers on our car! I am excited in the possibility of having a white Christmas this year!   Saturday Dallas and I had the day together so we were able to get some things done but we also had some time for fun :) We finally went to see The Dark Knight movie at the dollar theatre. It was SO good! But really long, our bums were hurting! When we were first married we had lots of cold stone gift cards we had gotten so we would go to the one ri…

Happy Halloween!

These past few days have been full of fun Halloween activities! Last night we headed up to Kaysville for the Roundy family halloween party which in my opinion is one of our best get togethers! I love seeing my family all dressed up and we usually do a scavenger hunt which is always crazy! This year my parents did the hunt which lead us to the Tabernacle, the local parks, Wendys and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Kaysville is a really great place for a scavenger hunt. This year it was boys vs girls and the girls lost... darn! But it was still so fun and like usual ends in chaoes with the glory going to the winning team. Thanks mom and dad!  Desmond in his Peter Pan outfit :)   Loren and Kelly and fam  Dallas was an In N Out worker and I was an 80's workout lady  kinda scary....
 He looked so cute! He tried to do a cheesy happy smile because we always look so happy at work.  Me and my hoe, the witch (minus her outfit)  my mom and niece Alyssa  Max the evil garden gn…

Our Saturday Together

Dallas and I are coming up on our anniversary in just less than a month! Crazy how time flies! I know we still have some time til it is here but I just wanted to spread the news that we are going to have a great 2nd anniversary! And thought I would add in a few photos to make the post a little more exciting :) Last night we booked a night at the Anniversary Inn staying in the jungle safari room and we are SO excited! We are also eating at Magelbys using a living social deal I got a couple weeks ago ($90 worth of food for only $30). We also got a deal on the room, we are so money savvy!;)
Today Dallas and I had the day off together which is awesome! In the morning we went to the optometrist to put my vision insurance to good use. I ordered more contacts and got glasses too! I haven't had glasses since I was like 12 and I never even wore them then anyways. Without my insurance everything would have cost $500 but we only spent $144. Thank you insurance!
We have always known that we …

Pumpkin Patch

Today we finally got our pumpkins! We have been meaning to go a lot sooner but have just not had the time do go. There is a little family farm not to far from us that we decided to check out. They had really great prices and good pumpkins! It was so quaint!
 Here are the pumpkins we picked out. Two big ones and three small ones. I liked the green one, I thought it looked way cool! 
 We went by ourselves so we had to take these photos by ourselves and Dallas said he will photo shop us into the same picture! 
Before we went to get hot chocolate at 7 11 because it has been really chilly today. They had pumpkin pie spice creamer there and I put it in mine and it was SO yummy! Seriously. Dallas snagged a few of them to take home. :)  Can't wait to carve our pumpkins!