Work Presents

So today at work my boss gave me what is called a burger coin. They are really sweet collectables especially for the associates but customers can use them for a free burger. Its made of real silver I guess and is worth a lot more than just a burger at work. It'll be fun to have! My boss gave them to all the workers that come in the early morning to help get the store open.
Dallas got a present from his work today too! His work had a christmas party yesterday during one of Dallas' finals so he couldn't go. They ended up doing a gift exchange (it sounded like one of those you steal the presents from each other) but familylink provided all the gifts. Apparently they were all pretty expensive gifts too! Since Dallas didn't get to be there he got the left overs. But boy did we score! He got a Vitamix and a cook book to come with. You can make soup in it because it can heat up the food and it can even make ice cream. Its really going to come in handy! Thank you familylink!! The price tag was small but still on and it was 450 bucks! We put it to good use for our dinner tonight too.
Poor Dallas was feeling under the weather yesterday. He must've gotten a little bug. Last night he was so cold so he put on all his warm clothes and even my twister robe. I thought he looked so cute so I had to snap a photo! I just hope he doesn't get too attached to my robe :) He is feeling much better today thank goodness!


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