Winds and Weight loss

As everyone knows, there was some crazy wind going on yesterday. Here in Utah County wasn't nearly as bad as up north in Davis and Weber Counties, though! Between Legacy highway and the I-15 I believe I heard there were 13 semi trucks that I fallen over from the huge winds. In Centerville there were winds over 100 mph and declared a state of emergency there! A lot of my friends from Kaysville were posting some interesting pictures on facebook and poor Kaysville just looked in shambles! The picture above is the picture my mom sent me on my cell. The neighbors trampoline cleared the fence and landed in my parents back yard! And the 2 on the 264 on the front of my parents house was ripped off but thank goodness that was the extent of the damage at our home! Some of our neighbors fences and roofs were not as lucky. My parent's business in Ogden had more damage done. A window blew out, a tree fell over, and lost power so they ended up closing up in the morning. My sister is still without power in Layton so she is making refuge at her in laws. It was quite the day for my family but I am just happy no one got hurt!
So I just wanted to make a side note that slowly yet surely I am losing the weight I gained when I started dating Dallas! We would eat out a lot, eat cookies and ice cream and we just flat out ate way too much. I am happy to say that I am four pounds away from my pre college/ high school weight! But to be where I really want to be I have 10 pounds to go( my soccer days weight). The past six months I have been cooking, which I absolutely love, so we very rarely eat out and I have been riding my bike and going to the gym as well as doing Zumba classes. I am hoping to have this goal attained by swimsuit season :)


  1. Crazy winds!! What the??? Good job on the weight loss...although you really don't need to.

  2. Yeah! You should look up on ksl to see the story on it!


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