Oh Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas!! So its finally starting to feel a little more like Christmas around here. (I just hope we at least get a white christmas this year). We bought our tree which helped bring the Christmas spirit. Instead of going to a tree lot, we went to Home depot which was a great choice!
So for some reason the pictures are all reversed so we are going from the finished product to the beginning :) The ornament above is one of many that we put on our tree growing up. They are old school ornaments that we bought from 7 eleven back in the days. They are really cute and a small part of my childhood I liked! I was able to snag them from my mom because she hardly uses them anymore. I was really happy to get these even though they are from 7 eleven :)
So this is our noble tree all finished. Its simple, pretty much hand me down ornaments but I hate to go buy a ton for the sake of not wanting to spend the money and storage space is limited. But I still love our tree and the wonderful smell it brings!
This is Dallas' version of the tree. The halloween wall hang is actually glow in the dark so when the lights were off it looked pretty cool.
Preppin the tree. I have noticed when your under the tree it feels very cool! (and when i say cool i mean coldish not the hip cool)

My sexy man unstrappin the tree from the blue bomb! We always take the blue car because Dallas is afraid of hurting the Altima.
Anyways, now that we have our tree, our egg nog and christmas movies downloaded, we are ready for the Christmas season! Now its time for gift buying, which I love! I always have. And also the baking :)


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