Last Day of the semester

Well the title says it all! Today was the last class day of the semester for me. From here it is time to dive into the books and really study for finals. I have 3 class finals. Physics 2010, Personal Finance 1060, and IT 1510. The IT class final should be pretty easy since I only missed two questions on the last two exams. The Physics final is open book open notes, so I don’t feel like I have to study too much for that one. Sooooo, my focus is going to be on my personal finance final. Hopefully I will do good! So far my grades look like this:

FIN 1060:             90%
IT 1510:                91%
Phys 2010             81%
Phys 2015(lab)      82%

with the final in mind and my Finance teacher to grade my final project I have yet to know what the final grades will be. Wish me luck!

Sorry I have been slacking on the blogs as of late, Loni kind of used up all the good pictures, but I found one she didn’t put up. (It’s me!….making a weird face)


here here is one of a hand print on my belly when I woke up one day, it has six fingers… strange…and yes I know my belly looks big…….it’s the angle… me…..



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