Goodbye school, Hello starcraft2 and christmas!

So remember when I mentioned that I was on my last day of school? well that seems like forever ago…but it wasn’t. I took my finals, sadly enough I never study the right things so I always feel like I am going to bomb the tests. I won’t know my final grades until tomorrow though … :( I will keep you posted.

PastedGraphic-2011-12-22-13-44.jpgAfter school got out I bought myself a little celebration present! Starcraft 2! I found it online for $30. I gave in because every time I tried to download a hacked version it never worked on my mac, and to find it for $30 instead of $60 I thought it was a good time to buy. I love it so far. a couple of my co-workers will play against each other for fun so as soon as I told them I got it they invited me to play online that night. so I went home and finished the tutorials and played a canpaign or two. By the time they were ready to play I knew I was going to be slaughtered but I wasn’t going to let that discourage me from putting up a fight. so I said goodnight to my darling wife, loni, told her I would be in to bed as soon as I was done, I walked out and ten minutes later I was jumping back in bed. … you might be wondering why I didn’t even mention playing the game… well the truth is… we started playing and within 5 minutes a big army came in and killed all my workers… so I died. :) I wish I could say I put up a fight, but my two weak army men didn’t put up a fight against their giants… :( it was sad. oh so sad.

I am really excited for christmas though, for some reason I have just been in the giving mood this christmas, I just wish I had enough money to give all the gifts I want to give! but I don’t. so don’t feel bad if you didn’t get a gift from us, (pretty much everyone). we have been saving up for my next semester in school and we are almost there, loni’s last paycheck should get us about a couple hundred away from being able to paying for it all up front!

I would like to take a second to express how awesome Loni is. Everytime she wants to get something she will ask me, even if it is a $5 shampoo that she needs, although she doesn’t have to she does. And sometimes when I have a financial goal in mind (aka paying for school up front) I start to act like we don’t have any money anymore and get a frustrated look when loni says we need to buy something. Perfect example of a frugal person and i appreciate her even though sometimes it doesn’t show as much as it should.



  1. Love you Dallas!! :) I am sure you did great on the finals!


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