What a great Christmas season it has been! This weekend we were able to spend a lot of time with family. Thank goodness I didn't have to work Christmas eve and Christmas day is one of the three days that In N Out is closed. So I got paid Sunday to relax :) Love paid holidays!
We spent the night at my parents house Christmas eve in Kaysville. My sister and her little family spent the night too so it was fun to see Jane open her presents in the morning! I got a new gym outfit, some much needed kitchen utensils. And I can't forget the chocolate orange ball that is a tradition to get in our stockings! Thanks Dallas!
Dallas really wanted the new Call of Duty game so I had to get it for him! He has a pull over sweater that he looks great in but he has a stain that won't come out of it. So I found him one at Costco and got him a new work out shirt. We both agreed we needed new gym clothes this year!
On Christmas eve my family got together for our party. The grandkids did the nativity scene while Loren read from the scriptures. This is a tradition every year in my family.
Another tradition is my dad reads the Night Before Christmas after we have all opened up our p.j.'s. This year we read the story first, though. I just love how he busted out the saddle seat to read it!
My parent's tree downstairs was a candy cane theme complete with the singing lights that we have had since I can remember with angel moroni on top. I love their tree topper and I want to get one someday! My family does themed gifts every year and instead of buying presents for everyone in my family we have just one family and it rotates. The theme this year was second hand and we had Lindsey and Roland. My parents had us this year. Dallas and I both got jackets from Platos Closet. Dallas got some really nice shirts from the deadline(the clothes that people forget to pick up at the dry cleaners) and I got some sweaters and a skirt from the deadline.
We had lots of food! My dad smoked a turkey for smoked turkey sandwiches and everyone brought some appetizers to share. We had buffalo wings, spinach dips, smokies, sushi and gyozas(fried potstickers).
Friday the 23rd we tried to go see the temple square lights but it was impossible! There was no where to park so went to Layton park to see their lights. They aren't much but we could drive through them for free so we couldn't complain!

My early christmas present was a wok. We needed one so bad because I make stir fry a lot and we only have a fry pan that isn't big enough! I just love how he wrapped it!
After opening presents on christmas morning, Lindsey made buttermilk pancakes complete with buttermilk syrup which was divine! We headed to Dallas' parents house for the day. We got a theatre popcorn maker which was pretty cool! We also got a solar power charger. We spent the day relaxing and watching movies. We played games and ate left overs. We got to see Dayna's ring also! We always have a good time at the Harris'! And it was a great day of relaxation that was much needed!


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