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What a great Christmas season it has been! This weekend we were able to spend a lot of time with family. Thank goodness I didn't have to work Christmas eve and Christmas day is one of the three days that In N Out is closed. So I got paid Sunday to relax :) Love paid holidays!
We spent the night at my parents house Christmas eve in Kaysville. My sister and her little family spent the night too so it was fun to see Jane open her presents in the morning! I got a new gym outfit, some much needed kitchen utensils. And I can't forget the chocolate orange ball that is a tradition to get in our stockings! Thanks Dallas!
Dallas really wanted the new Call of Duty game so I had to get it for him! He has a pull over sweater that he looks great in but he has a stain that won't come out of it. So I found him one at Costco and got him a new work out shirt. We both agreed we needed new gym clothes this year!
On Christmas eve my family got together for our party. The grandkids did the nativit…

Goodbye school, Hello starcraft2 and christmas!

So remember when I mentioned that I was on my last day of school? well that seems like forever ago…but it wasn’t. I took my finals, sadly enough I never study the right things so I always feel like I am going to bomb the tests. I won’t know my final grades until tomorrow though … :( I will keep you posted.

After school got out I bought myself a little celebration present! Starcraft 2! I found it online for $30. I gave in because every time I tried to download a hacked version it never worked on my mac, and to find it for $30 instead of $60 I thought it was a good time to buy. I love it so far. a couple of my co-workers will play against each other for fun so as soon as I told them I got it they invited me to play online that night. so I went home and finished the tutorials and played a canpaign or two. By the time they were ready to play I knew I was going to be slaughtered but I wasn’t going to let that discourage me from putting up a fight. so I said goodnight to my darling wife, l…

Work Presents

So today at work my boss gave me what is called a burger coin. They are really sweet collectables especially for the associates but customers can use them for a free burger. Its made of real silver I guess and is worth a lot more than just a burger at work. It'll be fun to have! My boss gave them to all the workers that come in the early morning to help get the store open.
Dallas got a present from his work today too! His work had a christmas party yesterday during one of Dallas' finals so he couldn't go. They ended up doing a gift exchange (it sounded like one of those you steal the presents from each other) but familylink provided all the gifts. Apparently they were all pretty expensive gifts too! Since Dallas didn't get to be there he got the left overs. But boy did we score! He got a Vitamix and a cook book to come with. You can make soup in it because it can heat up the food and it can even make ice cream. Its really going to come in handy! Thank you familylink!! T…

Yummy bread!

These little beauties here are by far my favorite bread out there! In the spring and summer my parents have a garden where they grow tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and also zucchini. The zucchini I swear look like they are on steroids. They are huge! As a little side note, growing up we had a huge garden with corn, cantelope, tomatoes, carrots, beets, the list was endless and it made such yummy fruit and veggies especially the corn! Not too long before we moved from California we planted orange and lemon trees and I was really sad that we didn't get to enjoy those fresh fruits! ANYWAYS, back to the real story my mom is always sending us home with these veggies and I had no idea what to do with all this zucchini. So I went on a hunt for a good zucchini recipe and found this recipe for Chocolate Zucchini bread on This is one of my favorite blogs to find new recipes. Anyways, I have made this bread a couple times since I have found it, but my parents don't have …

Last Day of the semester

Well the title says it all! Today was the last class day of the semester for me. From here it is time to dive into the books and really study for finals. I have 3 class finals. Physics 2010, Personal Finance 1060, and IT 1510. The IT class final should be pretty easy since I only missed two questions on the last two exams. The Physics final is open book open notes, so I don’t feel like I have to study too much for that one. Sooooo, my focus is going to be on my personal finance final. Hopefully I will do good! So far my grades look like this:

FIN 1060:             90% IT 1510:                91% Phys 2010             81% Phys 2015(lab)      82%

with the final in mind and my Finance teacher to grade my final project I have yet to know what the final grades will be. Wish me luck!
Sorry I have been slacking on the blogs as of late, Loni kind of used up all the good pictures, but I found one she didn’t put up. (It’s me!….making a weird face)

here here is one of a hand print on my belly w…

Oh Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas!! So its finally starting to feel a little more like Christmas around here. (I just hope we at least get a white christmas this year). We bought our tree which helped bring the Christmas spirit. Instead of going to a tree lot, we went to Home depot which was a great choice!
So for some reason the pictures are all reversed so we are going from the finished product to the beginning :) The ornament above is one of many that we put on our tree growing up. They are old school ornaments that we bought from 7 eleven back in the days. They are really cute and a small part of my childhood I liked! I was able to snag them from my mom because she hardly uses them anymore. I was really happy to get these even though they are from 7 eleven :)
So this is our noble tree all finished. Its simple, pretty much hand me down ornaments but I hate to go buy a ton for the sake of not wanting to spend the money and storage space is limited. But I still love our tree and the wonderful smell it b…

Winds and Weight loss

As everyone knows, there was some crazy wind going on yesterday. Here in Utah County wasn't nearly as bad as up north in Davis and Weber Counties, though! Between Legacy highway and the I-15 I believe I heard there were 13 semi trucks that I fallen over from the huge winds. In Centerville there were winds over 100 mph and declared a state of emergency there! A lot of my friends from Kaysville were posting some interesting pictures on facebook and poor Kaysville just looked in shambles! The picture above is the picture my mom sent me on my cell. The neighbors trampoline cleared the fence and landed in my parents back yard! And the 2 on the 264 on the front of my parents house was ripped off but thank goodness that was the extent of the damage at our home! Some of our neighbors fences and roofs were not as lucky. My parent's business in Ogden had more damage done. A window blew out, a tree fell over, and lost power so they ended up closing up in the morning. My sister is still w…