Thanks giving!

Lately, my heart has been so full of gratitude! As turkey day gets closer it always makes me reflect on what I am truly grateful for. So I thought I would share with ya'll! Especially since those that read our blog will be included :)
Is it totally cliche to have your husband on the list?? But really like I have boasted many times before I just ADORE this man! I am so grateful for him putting up with my emotional, stubborn, and crazy self for the past year.;) There were some hard times this past year and he always seemed to calm me down without even trying. I am so grateful for his humor as well! He really knows how to make me laugh! I am grateful he is so easy to get along with. He mixes well with all my friends!
I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the temple. This year we tried to go once a month and I know there were times we slacked off but the times we went were very special! We are trying to go to the temple where we go on vacation so we went to the San Diego and Laie temple along with going to do names with Dallas' parents at the Mt. Timpanogas temple. We also were able to go to two of my really good friends sealings along with Colby's, Dallas' brother. I am so grateful for the decisions I have made to be able to receive such wonderful blessings and happiness the temple brings. I am grateful to be sealed with Mr. Dallas for eternity :)
I am SO grateful for the wonderful people that were so generous during our wedding! Between the three bridal showers and bachelorette party put on and the reception we were set for a really long time. It helped us out so much!
I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to go to Hawaii. We have just been so blessed this year! Call me crazy but I know that paying our tithing so diligently this year was the reason we lived so comfortably this year. Hawaii is so beautiful! I am a California girl through and through but I have to say Hawaii beaches blow San Diego beaches out of the water!
I am grateful for the beautiful place we live. I know there are times where provo/orem drives me bonkers especially during byu game day, but I just love the mountains and the seasons that Utah has!
I am grateful to be a part of the Harris family! I am not going to lie I had a hard time losing the Roundy title, but there is no other name I would rather switch to! I love Bret and Connie! Its nice to have them close and they have been so generous in letting us do laundry at their house :) I love all my new sisters and brothers and of course my adorable nieces! Right away everyone made me feel so loved! When we were dating, Brooke, Dallas' oldest sister, joked that if Dallas screwed anything up with me and we broke up, she would want to keep me instead!
Oh my goodness, I have such a crazy Roundy family! I just love this picture:) I am grateful to have grown up with such wonderful people. Being the youngest, I looked up to my siblings and in laws so much especially since some of the in laws I have known since I was a child and teenager! Dallas and I are especially grateful for their examples to us as we have entered this stage in our life. I am so grateful for my parents! I love them so much! They have been so generous to Dallas and I.
I am also grateful for all the friends that I have in my life especially those that I work with! They make going to work so much easier and I enjoy being around them!
Also I had to mention the wonderful act of kindness last Thanksgiving when we were on our Honeymoon. We were just starting out with not a lot of money and we wanted a normal Thanksgiving meal last Thanksgiving. So we decided to splurge and go to Marie Calendars and have their Thanksgiving feast. We knew it would be an expensive meal (the most I had ever spent on a meal). During our pumpkin pie, our waitress told us that another table in her section paid for our meal! It was such a relief to us that it brought tears to my new hubby's eye :) I wish we could've thanked the older couple but they had already left. So this Thanksgiving I will be thinking of them as I dig into my turkey and potatoes:)


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