Sucker for TV

So I have what some might call a bad habit or possibly an addiction, but let me tell you I just love a good tv show! I get hooked on shows so easily! They know exactly how to reel me in and poor Dallas gets sucked in as well. Every week I have my weekly shows that I look forward to and for some odd reason I thought I would share, probably because I don't really know what else to write about!
So Tuesday nights is the Biggest Loser and I am lucky enough to have Dallas sit and watch with me! He likes the show as well. I think it motivates us to be healthy! I just love to see the transformations at the end of the episode of the person that gets voted off. Tonight they are doing the makeovers so it will be a good episode!
The Hart of Dixie is a new show that just premiered in September on Monday nights. It has Rachel Bilson who was also on one of my favorite shows back in high school, The OC, so when I saw that I new I had to check it out. The show is about a young doctor(Rachel Bilson) from New York who has to work in a doctors office for a year before she can move onto becoming a heart surgeon. So she moves to Alabama to work at a practice that her father, that she didn't know about, left her when he died. The show is her trying to fit in in the small town. It is a cute show!
Oh the Vampire Diaries.... take a look at the picture... need I say more? This is by far my favorite show I watch. And good news, Dallas is starting to watch it with me more. Don't tell him I said this but I am pretty sure he likes the show now!:) Unfortunately, they are taking the usual mid-season break during the holidays so it won't be back on until the beginning of January. I feel like I can't really summarize this show but it pretty much is about these teenagers in high school living amongst Vamps, witches and wolves. I also read the books too. The books are really dark and sometimes the show can be kind of scary too!
Another show I like to keep up on that actually just started last night for the second season. It is the Next Great Baker. 13 people compete to work for Buddy Valastro (cake boss) and moola. I guess that is the cook/baker in me. I love to see their creations!


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